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Say It Loud Advocates Research Network


Say It Loud Advocates Research Network is your voice for justice! Join us in the fight against poverty and empower communities through meaningful change. We offer partnerships with local, state, and federal government systems to ensure equity, access, and opportunity for all. Together, we can make a real difference in the world.

Take A Look At The Poverty Data in Prince George's County, MD

BIPOC Diverse Econometrics for Inflation 

This summer, we conducted an extensive community impact survey, delving deep into the implications of inflation on our local communities. The findings were eye-opening and shed light on the challenges faced by our neighbors. We invite you to explore these valuable insights and join us in advocating for economic stability and equity for all.

Take a Stand. Say It Loud.

Say It Loud Advocates Research Network seeks to challenge elected officials, community leaders, governments, and nonprofits by engaging community members in meaningful conversations and creating innovative strategies to fight poverty. We strive to create systemic change that will lead to lasting improvements in the lives of those living in disadvantaged communities. With a growing volunteer base of passionate community members, Say It Loud Advocates is committed to advocating for justice and equality for all individuals.

Here's what our strategic community impact research focus on

1. Expand safety net programs.

During the pandemic, America’s safety net structure has been exposed as woefully inadequate. Millions of people have been left struggling to meet basic needs and facing economic insecurity. There is an urgent need to improve our safety net programs so that we can provide stability and security in times of crisis. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) has been an essential lifeline for many households during the pandemic, providing nutritional assistance for those most in need. The program needs to be improved in order to provide greater benefits and reach more people. Similarly, unemployment claims systems need to be improved so that they are easy to use and provide a smoother experience for those who are out of a job.

Finally, there should be a concerted effort made to remove barriers that prevent some individuals from accessing benefits such as work requirements or inadequate transportation options. We must ensure that everyone who needs help can get it easily and quickly when economic crises strike.

2. Raise the minimum wage to ensure economic stability for all.

Raising the minimum wage is an important step towards creating economic stability for all. The current federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour is simply too low for a full-time job and can barely cover basic living costs. This has resulted in many employees being unable to support themselves or their families financially, as well as feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Raising the minimum wage would significantly improve the financial situation of these individuals, helping them to provide for themselves and their families more comfortably, while also allowing them to save money for future needs.


Additionally, raising the minimum wage would also stimulate economic growth by providing more money for consumers to spend on goods and services, thereby boosting businesses and creating more jobs in the process.

3.  Increase funding to provide equitable education for K-12 public schools.

Providing equitable education for K-12 public schools is an important step towards creating a brighter future for the entire country. To ensure that all children have access to quality education regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds, it is essential to increase funding and make significant investments in disadvantaged school districts. This would not only give students better educational opportunities but would also help more struggling families obtain the child care they need to work, better meeting their families’ basic needs. With increased funding and investment, K-12 public schools can offer students an equitable education that will equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in life.

4.  Develop restorative justice programs for juveniles and formerly incarcerated persons.

Restorative justice programs have become increasingly important in the effort to reduce recidivism and improve outcomes for people returning from state and federal prisons. Restorative justice programs focus on the rehabilitation of offenders, promote open communication between justice-involved youths and their victims, and create opportunities for cooperative problem-solving within communities. Say It Loud Advocates have taken an active role in developing restorative justice programs for juveniles and formerly incarcerated persons. Our nonprofit works to create safe spaces for dialogue, facilitate constructive conversations between victims and perpetrators, provide resources to help build life skills, promote understanding between various stakeholders involved in criminal cases, and offer access to community support services.


By offering these services, Say It Loud Advocates are helping to reduce recidivism rates and encourage individuals to take a more proactive approach toward rehabilitation.

5.  Invest in permanent supportive housing to decrease homelessness.

The need for permanent housing is great, especially when it comes to reducing the risk of homelessness. Investing in permanent housing is one of the most effective ways to provide safe and secure housing for those who are chronically homeless. Permanent housing not only provides a roof over one's head, but also provides access to support services such as counseling, employment resources, and educational opportunities. In addition, permanent housing can help remove barriers that prevent individuals from accessing affordable housing assistance.


Such services are designed to build independent living skills and connect chronically homeless people with voluntary support services that address their needs. By investing in permanent housing and providing voluntary support services, we can reduce homelessness and ensure individuals have access to safe and secure homes.

Sign Our "Reclaiming Our Parks" Petition

Our parks are a great way to bring people together and create community engagement. However, due to the restrictions imposed by Prince George's County, it is difficult for us to have entertainment events at our parks. This limits our ability to host gatherings and fellowship with each other in an enjoyable setting.

We believe that access to our parks should be improved so that we can better engage with each other in our communities. By allowing more entertainment events, we can make use of our parks as places for fellowship and build stronger relationships within the community. It is essential that Prince George's County recognizes this need and works towards making sure that all community members have access to these spaces for gathering and recreation.

Ready to take a stand against poverty and inequality? Join the Say It Loud Advocates Research Network movement now and be a part of something bigger! With your partnership, you can help create a more equitable future for everyone. With your support, we can work together to bring true justice and equality to our communities. Make your voice heard today and help us create real change!

Chiquita Jackson

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