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Taking Social Impact to the Next Level.

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Poverty Fighting Innovation Hub

At Chiquita Jackson Enterprise, our mission is to drive positive change and serve as a beacon of social impact as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are dedicated to combating poverty through innovative solutions and fostering economic stability. Our comprehensive approach includes community empowerment and engagement, ensuring that the voices of our communities are heard and respected. We focus on grassroots research and advocacy, addressing systemic issues at their core to create long-lasting change.

Our initiatives span across multiple critical areas, including youth leadership development and career readiness support, preparing the next generation for success. We are committed to advancing racial equity and providing voter education to ensure that every voice is counted and represented. Additionally, we focus on community economic development for low-income and BIPOC communities, striving to create a more inclusive and equitable society. Through our diverse programs and unwavering commitment, we aim to uplift and empower the communities we serve.

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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Bridging the Gap, Together!


Leveraging Change, Creating Impact.


Impacting lives. Transforming communities.


Economic Stability 

We are committed to providing strategic community development support in order to ensure economic stability. We use a special-purpose problem-solving approach to identify and address the unsustainable risks in BIPOC communities. 

Equity and Intersectionality

As we continue to strive for equity, it is important to recognize the intersections of marginalized identities. No one should be denied opportunities or experience oppression because of their background or identity. 


We are not afraid to challenge the status quo and take risks to make real and lasting impact.

Poverty Alleviation

It is essential that we work together to erase these systemic barriers and create pathways for people to achieve greater economic security and empowerment.

We are living in a society where you have certain groups have generational wealth, while BIPOC communities have generational trauma.

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