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Connecting and Growing Together: The Entrepreneur Network

In order to succeed, entrepreneurs need to have the right tools and resources in order to build a sustainable business. The Entrepreneur Network Co. is a great way for entrepreneurs to get the necessary resources and knowledge when it comes to starting a business. By understanding the basics of how businesses operate, entrepreneurs will be able to make better decisions and build successful businesses. With the right support and guidance, budding entrepreneurs can create their own success story.

Benefits of The Entrepreneur Network Co.

Why did we build the Entrepreneur Network Co?

The Entrepreneur Network Co is dedicated to providing a supportive network for first-generation entrepreneurs. We understand the unique challenges that come with starting a business, and our goal is to help aspiring entrepreneurs reach their goals.​


Our services include LLC and trademark application assistance, happy hours, leadership development trainings/certification programs, and restorative retreats. These resources are designed to help entrepreneurs build skillsets necessary for success while also providing a space to connect with peers in similar situations. Our team is passionate about helping first-generation entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and we hope you will join us in this mission!



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The Entrepreneur Network Co is the ultimate resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to take their businesses to the next level. With its powerful networking platform, you can connect with like-minded professionals and get access to mentors, advisors, and other knowledgeable individuals who can help you achieve success.

Executive Business Coaching

Monthly Business Coaching Sessions

Scale Up Partnerships

Exclusive networking and partnership opportunities

Transformative Leadership Certifications

Professional Certifications in brand management and marketing

Our E-Learning Program

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Upcoming Events

Speak to Succeed: Public Speaking Certification for First-Gen Entrepreneurs

Connect. Create. Change: The Entrepreneur Network Co. Happy Hours

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